Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

About us

My Bharat News is the companion of truth. Everyone will keep an eye on everyone’s news. Whatever news or posts you get on this channel, you will get real content. You will not get to see any type of fake news or anything fake. On this channel you will get everything real and genuine. You will be shown today’s big news in it. You will get Corona updates. It will be shown to you as real. Whatever is happening in the country, everything will be shown to you genuinely here. You will be told tips in this. What are the benefits of eating what about health? What are the disadvantages of what? You will be told about all this also on this channel. You will also be shown the reviews of all the movies related to Bollywood here. You will also be shown some entertainment. Whatever latest news comes here, you will get the first updates. You will get news from all the states of India on this channel. You will also get news from around the world on this channel. Live video will also be available to watch. Will be seen in the post also.