How to Help a High-Functioning Alcoholic How to Identify the Warning Signs

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high functioning alcoholic

The term “high-functioning alcoholic” is not a formal medical diagnosis, but rather a term used to describea person who is physically or mentally dependent on alcohol but can still function as a member of society. Terms such as “currently functioning” are also used as alcohol use typically becomes worse, and it’s unlikely a person will remain functional forever. Unfortunately, being able to drink and still maintain their responsibilities doesn’t mean a person is free of alcoholism. Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease, and it causes a person to drink no matter what compulsively. A high-functioning alcoholic’s addiction is just as dangerous as someone with repeat DUIs or who gets into fights with loved ones because of their drinking. For the functional alcoholic, the denial runs deep, because they have yet to encounter significant negative consequences. A “functional alcoholic” (or “high-functioning alcoholic”) isn’t a formal medical diagnosis, but a term used colloquially to describe a person who is dependent upon alcohol but can still function in society.

Workplaces that Tolerate or Endorse Alcohol Use

Loved ones or coworkers may have raised their eyebrows at your drinking habits enough that you begin to hide how much you’re drinking. When asked how many drinks you’ve had, you’ll lower the number, or you may drink a few alcoholic beverages around people but consume much more in private. Continuing to drink despite knowing that you have a physical or mental health issues related to your alcohol use. According to the National Institutes of Health, functional alcoholics are typically “middle-aged, well-educated, with stable jobs and families.”

high functioning alcoholic

When dating a functional alcoholic and there’s an attempt to cover for them, you’ve now become a partner in crime. When individuals do this, it acts as one of the universal signs of a drinking issue. If a person is continuously leaning on alcohol in an attempt to ease stress, they could have a serious problem. Since alcohol is a depressant, the individual is essentially using it to dull the senses.

Risk Factors for High Functioning Alcoholism

If they are a functioning alcoholic, which means that they can function in all areas of life, you shouldn’t worry, right? Before answering that question, we need to define a functioning alcoholic. If one of your loved ones often finds they can’t high functioning alcoholic remember what they did the previous day as a result of drinking, they are experiencing blackouts. Functional alcohol seems immune to the ravages of heavy drinking. A high-functioning alcoholic will seize any occasion as an opportunity to drink.

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